The activated carbon coconut (vegetable), bituminous activated carbon (mineral) and charcoal (animal), their high strength and quality that we offer allows us to make the reactivation of the same with the same or even better, higher adsorption parameters in the final product.

It is noteworthy that each of these materials has a different margin of depletion or waste of material, this due to the process of filtration, purification, activation, physical manipulation, chemical and mechanical object of which was in the process.

CARBONES MEXICANOS committed to providing the best services, suggests a detailed analysis of each application for re-activation.
The proposed study of the process:

1) Send a sample to our office that requires 5kg of carbon re-activated, along with the application form for re-activation you can order via mail or fax and must be signed by the legal representative of the company.

Note * The coal must be sent in the same physical and chemical conditions (humidity, temperature, etc..,), The coal will receive further for re-activation.

2) After receiving the material, an analysis of re-activation capability that can be obtained and issued a findings raise the exact amount to be recovered, so the final quality you get.

3) The material cost will be about re-activated carbon kilogram effectively recovered and activated the quality agreed on the application form for re-activation.

4) Sending the material to re-activate our plant and return to their place of origin, will be for the account of the customer's request, but is offered as a service logistics support from the envioa our plant until its return to point of origin.

5) The presentation package would cost extra and are also detailed in the application form for re-activation.

Note: It is important to confirm that the minimum amount to re-activate should be no less than 10 tons.



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